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Eat Sleep Burn

Posted at February 14th, 2019

Eat Sleep BurnClick Image To Visit SiteImagine finding out something you do everyday, or even as little as twice per year, is unknowingly putting your health at serious risk while robbing you of the quality of life you deserve and keeping you from reaching your full potential.

We’ve all heard and read the stories that reveal a common and widely accepted activity or remedy turned out to be the cause of an irreversible disease or some chronic ailment.

If I was to show you how every aspect of your life is being sabotaged by a silent enemy stealthily lurking in the background…

You see, there is no area of human function that isn’t affected by the biggest and most far-reaching, yet largely preventable, health affliction of our times.

This sweeping epidemic is called “Shallow Sleep Syndrome”, and is the leading cause of some of the most horrific diseases with an ability to impair your body’s function unlike anthying else.

The problem is not only because you cannot acheive the regenerative state of sleep you so desperately need, but the use of extraordinarily dangerous remedies which are now being shown to dramatically increase your risk of cancer and early death.

I will share the deeply troubling cause in a just a second…AND I will show you MEDICAL PROOF that TRACKERS, APPS and Monitoring Devices are doing more harm than good by giving you a false sense of security.

I didn’t even know I was being affected… but I was… and like I said, there is solid proof you are likely being exposed to the same contaminants causing this condition.

Take this recent study for example. When researchers at the University of Chicago took seven lean and healthy volunteers and exposed them to the contaminants that altered their ability to get quality sleep.

It… Read more…

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