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Kick-Ass Training Program —

Posted at February 14th, 2019

Kick-Ass Training Program —Click Image To Visit SiteNow, we know that’s a long name, but it’s totally necessary. See, it took us 5 years to develop this system and make it the super simple, efficient as hell, tool that it is today.

 By simplifying we’ve been able to do more. We’re writing more training programs but also spending more time doing other things that we want to do…like train ourselves and give more time to our loved ones.

The sweet thing is the Strength Faction Super Simple Guide to Writing Kick-Ass Training Programs works no matter the training goal.

This presentation and workshop combo helps you take an in-depth look at human movement so that you can make better exercise selections in your programming. It helps you screen movement to add, remove, or modify exercises to make sure they’re in the right places in your training programs.

We walk you through an actual screen and explain what it means for exercise selection and program modifications. We also walk you through the process of writing a 6-day per week training program.

We’ve combined all of our programming skill-building workshops into a printable PDF that helps you sharpen your programming skills as you follow along with the presentations.

This beautiful baby of a programming and workshop combo teaches you to put all the variables together into a simple, results-driven training system. It teaches you to plan the training day, the training week, the training month, and compile it all into a yearly training plan. No stone is left unturned—it covers rep-ranges, loading strategies, and planning based on the neural-metabolic continuum.

Programming from scratch is never a good idea. It wastes time and doesn’t produce the best possible program. We all need some raw materials… Read more…

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