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#PhysiqueFinishers Info – Fast Physique

Posted at February 14th, 2019

#PhysiqueFinishers Info - Fast PhysiqueClick Image To Visit SiteThis program includes 2 tracks depending on your goal: 1) LEAN-ONLY: 6 weeks of programming for fat loss, requires a 5 days/week commitment, all 20 minutes or less. 2) STRONG + LEAN: 12 weeks of finishers programming to supplement your traditional strength training program, maintain muscle, lose fat.

Delivered via PDFs for print-and-go, exercise tutorial videos for each individual workout and information on how to adjust to your fitness level – everything housed in an online membership portal you log into with a username and password. You have access forever!

I’m the founder of JillFit Physiques, creator of the #Moderation365 movement, and a certified personal trainer with a BS in Exercise Science and an MS in Clinical Nutrition.

Over my last 20 years in the fitness industry, I’ve done everything from compete in figure competitions, to run triathlons and half-marathons, to write hundreds of articles on fitness and nutrition for publications like Women’s Health, Prevention, OnFitness and others, as well as on my own site at JillFit.com, to personal train thousands of clients using the techniques included in #PhysiqueFinishers to get clients results in less time.

It’s possible to reach a point of diminishing returns with your exercise, so finding that sweet spot is critical. If you train intensely, and use rest strategically, you don’t need to be spending hours. If you preferentially choose weight-training based exercise over long, slow boring cardio, your body responds accordingly.

Over the last 20 years, I’ve worked with folks of all ages, fitness levels and goal sets, and some of the most common struggles I hear are around time, consistency, boredom and the all-or-nothing trap:

I totally get it! One of the biggest hindrances to getting results is the lack of time, and the idea that… Read more…

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