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Posted at February 14th, 2019

TetrogenClick Image To Visit SiteThe Tetrogen Day & Night is a 2-step, 24-Hour Cutting Edge Weight Loss Supplement that is infused with 4 Clinically Studied & Patented Ingredients ( IGOB 131, CQR-300, Dyg-400 and Lipofuel) to optimize Metabolic hormones at the cellular level.

Tetrogen Day includes all 4 active ingredients plus Green Tea extract that helps boost metabolism, Normalises Blood Sugar, and Promotes Fat Burning.

Tetrogen Night has the same 4 active ingredients to control late night cravings plus Melatonin to ensure you rest well because sleep is ideal for fat loss.

EGCG is a natural molecule in green tea extract responsible for it’s many health benefits along with a proven weight loss ingredient that helps your body free fat from the cells and makes your body burn fat instead of sugars in your blood stream. Green tea extract also has the perfect amount of caffeine to induce thermogenesis and burn fat without jitters or harmful side effects.

30 Day Supply of Tetrogen Day or Night *You can select Day or Night in Shopping Cart Retail Price: $69.99

1. Helps You Quickly Reach Your Target Weight: In a 10-week Clinical Study without strenuous exercise, participants lost an average of 28 pounds, shed 6.7 inches from waistline, and lost 18.4% of body fat.

Tetrogen has two active ingredients, IGOB-131 and Dyg-400 that help correct Leptin resistance & naturally suppress appetite…

Tetrogen naturally boosts your body’s metabolism via IGOB-131 that improves blood-sugar hormone sensitivity which triggers fat metabolism…

Tetrogen helps you reach your target weight fast by preventing fat from ever being formed in the first place. Dyg 400 helps your body…

Tetrogen helps your body convert excess calories into heat so they aren’t stored as fat via Lipofuel. Tetrogen Day is also…

30 Day… Read more…

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