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The High Performance Handbook

Posted at February 14th, 2019

The High Performance HandbookClick Image To Visit SiteHave you ever wondered why the program that helped your best friend put 30lbs on his squat didn’t do the same for you?

Have you ever tried to follow a workout from the pages of a magazine only to see yourself get weaker and smaller… or even worse, fatter?

Have you ever tried your hand at the most popular new training system only to find yourself hobbling around in pain over the next few days… or even worse, injured?

My name is Eric Cressey, and I am the president of Cressey Sports Performance, a high performance training facility near Boston, MA. We started off small, but we’re now a 15,000-square-foot training facility.

You don’t work your way up to a facility of this size without providing great coaching to your clients. You know why? Because if you aren’t excellent at what you do – constantly updating your training philosophies to give clients the best possible experience and amazing results – you go out of business quickly. Furthermore, you need to be able to coach whoever walks through your doors. Here at CP, we see hundreds of different clients every week.

We even have professional athletes who literally move their families across the country to train with us .

As you can imagine, I’ve seen it all, and after working with such a wide variety of people, I’ve come away with one big lesson:

When I decided to create a workout system, there was something that was more important to me than anything else: a strong emphasis on personalization.

The problem with other programs out there is they force people to fit into their system of training. Admittedly it’s better than having no direction, but for a lot of people it can make things worse off than they already were.

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