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The Thyroid Factor

Posted at February 14th, 2019

The Thyroid FactorClick Image To Visit SiteDid you know that studies from The American Thyroid Association show women are 5-8 times more likely to struggle with thyroid problems than men? [1] Combine that fact with the changes the female body goes through due to menopause and it’s clear to see why it’s not uncommon for women over 40 to report feeling “off”… Picture the body just hitting the “PAUSE” button as thyroid activity, metabolism and energy levels all plummet. A fat-storing, energy-draining combo called

EVEN IF you’re a working mom like me and have absolutely ZERO time for complicated diets and long boring workouts…

EVEN IF you’re over 40 like me, and you feel like your Thyro-Pause hormone is working against you…

EVEN IF you feel emotionally drained from years of suffering through exhaustive, joint killing, high-intensity workouts that only let you down by your lack of results…

EVEN IF you’ve failed in the past with those fad diets that make you count points or live off of prepackaged, "lean" meals" that science has now revealed to be horrible for female thyroid function after 40

These 3 Thyroid Killers Reveal the things women must AVOID if you want to banish fatigue, boost your energy and see a flat and firm belly in only 21 days…

Think all green veggies are healthy? Think again… In fact, did you know that certain organic green veggies can actually kill your thyroid levels faster? Think about that… You’re eating healthy, yet with each bite, it feels like your energy is being drained as belly fat piles up faster than ever… You see, there are a handful of so-called “healthy” fruits and vegetables that work AGAINST your body’s natural ability to burn fat with a sluggish thyroid… Which is… Read more…

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