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7-Day Detox – Physique Forty

Posted at February 14th, 2019

7-Day Detox – Physique FortyClick Image To Visit SiteBrand New Research from Top Italian Scientists Identifies this Detox Method as the #1 SECRET to their Success for being the World’s Healthiest Country!

The afternoon “feel like taking a nap” hasn’t happened since starting the program. I highly recommend the program for any fitness level or age. My only regret is that I didn’t find Debbie or the program sooner.

I’ve been where you are at right now; I struggled with my self-image trying to figure out how to build a body I can be proud of and the energy I needed to get there… It all started with my life-changing journey to self-love, and today I’d like to share my story with you! My confidence was at an all-time low… my spouse at the time would bombard me with EMOTIONALLY DESTRUCTIVE comments and mental abuse. Making me feel small, insignificant, unworthy, and like I could NEVER amount to the potential I knew I had. The worst part of all; after hearing it for so long I was beginning to believe the LIES! As each day passed I found it harder and harder to LOVE myself. I would look in the mirror and start TORMENTING myself, “It’s all my fault.”! I was living a LIE that I thought to be true. My inner voice was being drowned out and I was losing my TRUE identity. If you EVER feel overtaken by FEAR & FAILURE, just know that you are believing a LIE. You have the capabilities to ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS & GOALS. You just need to find the confidence within yourself to SUCCEED!

Here’s the thing, if you feel unconfident, fat, cranky, brittle, exhausted, stressed, or don’t want to have sex, that is NOT “normal.” It’s not healthy… Read more…

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