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Gastric Band Hypnotherapy – Virtual Lap Band Hypnosis MP3s

Posted at February 14th, 2019

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy - Virtual Lap Band Hypnosis MP3sClick Image To Visit SiteYes it’s true, you CAN lose weight without feeling hungry. Gastric Band Hypnosis is NOT like dieting – it’s uniquely different. I’ll tell you about it in a moment. Does this snapshot of dieting sound familiar?…

You starve yourself for most of the day, feeling hungry, tired and distressed. The more you deny yourself, the more you think about food. You can’t concentrate and feel miserable. You see food all around you, and it becomes a constant battle to deny yourself.

Worst of all, after all this suffering, you’re lucky if you lose more than a pound or two a week.

You’re left with a conflict. You want to lose weight, but you don’t want a miserable life.

Eventually you crack. You can’t possibly live like this forever – and you know it. For the sake of your sanity, the day HAS to come when you ditch your diet. What happens next? You’re weight returns to where it was.

You DON’T need to suffer to lose weight, and you DON’T need to feel hungry all the time…

With Gastric Band Hypnotherapy you naturally eat less without it being an issue. There is no suffering because you don’t WANT to eat as much as you did before.

My Gastric Band Hypnotherapy MP3 convinces your subconscious mind that you’ve had a gastric band fitted. Your mind thinks your stomach is smaller than it is. This leads to a remarkable change in your behaviour…

When eating, you feel full sooner than before. Often just half your normal portion leaves you satisfied. You are happy to eat less.

The beauty of Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is that there’s no suffering. You can keep going on your weight loss journey without giving up.

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