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The 30 Minute Body

Posted at February 14th, 2019

The 30 Minute BodyClick Image To Visit SiteObese Police Officer Sheds 40 lbs Of Fat In Just 90 Minutes Per Week Using A Cutting Edge Training Method Developed By "The World’s Fittest Athletes" Now Adapted For “Every Day” Out Of Shape Men And Women…  

Become the strong, sexy, confident you now! Without having to sacrifice hours of your busy life in the gym.

I can barely keep hold of his, surprisingly strong, upper body and then I notice we have made it to the stairs and my female partner is now underneath us both!

Everyone else is too busy so we’re going to have to deal with this on our own, hopefully without being seriously hurt…

I’m panting, sweating. I can feel my muscles burning from the tension of having to hold onto him…

Getting back in the gym, losing them few extra pounds that had crept on but instead I carried on down my normal path. Eating whatever I wanted. Not paying attention to the advice and now I was going to suffer…

He made a sudden jerk to free himself, I countered and managed to keep him pinned but was that my pants that ripped? You’ve got to be kidding as if this isn’t embarrassing enough…

A Police officer that’s so out of shape he can’t control the guy he’s arresting and now my ass is trying to escape too!

I can see my partner still struggling underneath us. She can’t do much other than keep them updated on the radio. This is down to me but what am I going to do?!

"I never even realised how big I’d got… I often asked family and friends but I know now they just didn’t want to hurt my feelings"

This was, for me, the turning point in… Read more…

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